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Prices vary based on size and complexity of the piece, but range from $8-32. Shipping can be arranged for an additional cost, or pick up can be arranged at various boutiques or at Liz's Scottsdale home.

If you see something you like, contact Liz directly at Include your name, contact info and the ID number of the jar(s) you're inquiring about (see the slideshow for available jars and their ID numbers). But if you see something you want, don't hesitate. As cute and unique as these are, they are sure to sell fast!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Candy Buffet

Most Apothecary Jars by Liz feature unique metallic-finished lids. But without the lids, they are still a charming display option for your favorite items. Here is a collection of jars that were used for my daughter's baby shower. We put an assorment of candies and goodies in them, and left the lids off to make treat removal that much more convenient. See for yourself how it turned out. Candies never seemed more appealing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What are apothecary jars?

Centuries ago, apothecaries were the drugstores of the world. Counter space was at a premium, so it was common for store owners to use large glass jars to get things up and out of the way, all while protecting them in a sealed container and offering a great display method for customers to see their wares.

Today, you won't see apothecary jars at your local pharmacy, but you will see them in homes on kitchen tables, bathroom counters, fireplace mantels, and just about anywhere else in need of some versatile decor. This latest trend in home furnishings allows users to store and display whatever they want, from cottonballs to dinner mints, citrus collections to christmas ornaments.

Apothecary jars by Liz are one-of-a-kind upcycled treasures. Outdated decor items are repurposed as bases, bowls or lids, and the results are stunning vessels that command attention whether alone or in a group. Unlike their plain, all-glass predecessors, Apothecary Jars by Liz offers a new spin on this hot ticket item by coupling the sometimes simple and sometimes ornate clear glass containers with dark metalic lids and bases, thus offering fashionable flair to any space.

Contact Liz at for more information about ordering these custom creations.