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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Mad Hatter Gives Thanks

With so many events these past few weeks, it's been difficult remembering which hat I should be wearing. Not unlike my waistline, my virtual "hat closet" just keeps expanding. There's my apothecary jar hat, my piano teacher hat, my church hat, my grandma hat, my choir director hat, my craft/boutique hat, my wife & mother hat, my holidays hat, and way back in a dark corner lies my sanity hat. Unfortunately it's been gathering quite of bit of dust lately. Hopefully I can retrieve it soon - - at least try to wear it underneath the 3 or 4 hats I usually wear at any given time.

But with all the madness comes lots of gladness so I want to take a moment to acknowledge my incredible family who has been so supportive and helpful through it all. I need to start by saying a huge thank you to my sister Jennie Blaser who introduced me to the wonderful world of apothecary jars last year and has been so supportive as I've expanded that vision with my own crazy touch. A big shout out goes to my oldest child Tyler who procured a nice assortment of sturdy handled paper bags (take out bags from his place of employment) that were so helpful for storing and transporting all my jars and were used to carry the customer's newly purchased jars to their new homes.

Even if I were able to clone myself I simply could not have survived these last few weeks without the support (and physical presence) of my 3 beautiful daughters: Whitney, Katie & Jennie. It's not easy being 4 places at the same time but with a little creativity and lots of hard work and laughter we somehow made it happen. Next comes my husband Karl. Even though he was out of town or busy with his many endeavors he never once complained (to my face anyway) about the lack of kitchen table & counter space or lack of home cooked meals. He even took the time to do the dishes and cook a wonderful chicken alfredo dish yesterday so we could celebrate our wedding anniversary in some fashion. We didn't have much time as I needed to prepare for and get to my choir rehearsal (doesn't look good when the director arrives late and disorganized) but I decided to get the crystal goblets out, light a taper candle and take a snapshot to recognize the event. With everything we've faced these past 3 or 4 decades, staying married for 32 years is something that needs to be celebrated, even if the meal is served in plastic bowls and the crystal goblets are filled with diet creme soda.

Lastly, though we may not be related by blood, I like to consider everyone who has given a home to one of my jars as part of my extended family. In particular, Emily Meyer Anderson who was one of my first blog customers. Emily generously offered to place some of my jars in the Holiday House boutique which was being held on the opposite side of town the same day as my PMTA Vocal recital, Urban Spice Boutique and Green Table Gala which all required my presence. You are amazing Emily!

The process of creating each jar is much more than A+B+C=D. It is a journey that involves many stops and starts and recalculating what path to take. As I scour thrift shops I am often drawn to a particular piece more for it's character than it's functionality. Sometimes that little bud vase, teacup saucer, candleholder, soap dish, etc. will sit on my shelf for months waiting to find it's perfect companion. I know that is not a very pragmatic or cost effective way to do things but the artist in me has a difficult time doing it anything other way. Often, by the time that little guy is finally repurposed into a jar component, it's personality has rubbed off on me and I have a hard time saying goodbye. But I believe it's new owner was similarly drawn to it and will give it a good home.

Perhaps that same soap dish that welcomed little grubby hands all those years ago is now protecting a precious collection of polished rocks or shells, or shielding a teenager's hard-earned makeup from dust. And you never know - - someday a  young married couple will be having dinner after a long hard day, the apothecary jar received as a wedding gift adorning their tiny table, and suddenly feel like taking each other by the hand. Somewhere coming from the base of the jar, which used to serve as a single taper candle holder, a quiet whisper is heard: "Hang in there - you can make it - 32 years and more!"