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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Late Night Misadventures of Apothecary Liz

July 29-30, 2011

It was around 11PM on a hot Arizona summer night in July when I decided to clean and sterilize a few of my "finds" from a recent trip to a thrift shop. I was looking forward to creating a beautiful apothecary jar with the wide candlestick and large glass bowl before me. So on went the hot water as I began the process of de-stickering and sterilizing, something I'd done hundreds of times in my trusty kitchen sink. I had just finished soaping the inside and started to lift the bowl to work on the outside sticker. For reasons I'll leave to more scientific minds than mine, the glass suddenly decided it no longer wanted to cohese* in one piece.  
 *I know it’s not a word but hey, that phrase sounded cool

Before I knew it the sink was covered in blood as the glass burst in my hands. With the weight of all that water running, I had secured a pretty firm grip in order to turn it over. Needless to say, my putting pressure on the glass as it broke into large shards made for a pretty nasty outcome. The pain was so sudden and intense I started going into shock but my daughter brought a chair for me to sit in so I wouldn't pass out. Though several fingers were cut, it was the gash on the inside of my thumb that I knew would require more than my medicine cabinet offered. I found it odd that I could feel such severe pain on a digit that was totally numb. Nerve endings are extremely complicated. Well, to cut to the chase (no pun intentionally intended), 5+ hours later as the sun was beginning to rise,  I returned from the ER sporting a sore right arm (from the tetanus shot they insisted upon), mountains of gauze covering several stitches on my left hand, and a very tired husband. The doctor said I was lucky that the cut wasn't a fraction of an inch further left where I would have severed my tendon, resulting in serious complications that would affect my ability to play piano - - a tender mercy indeed.

Moral of this story - - having a firm grip on something isn't all it's cracked up to be!

4 hours later, after much soaking and cleaning, it’s ready to be stitched.
What it felt like when getting the lidocaine shots to numb it for stitching. Seriously, it was way worse than the actual cut.

Poor tired hubby.  We switched places once they finally got us into a room.
I wasn't going to be sleeping much anyway. 

Nice sewing, ER doctor! You deserve a merit badge in knot tying.

My latest fashion accessory - - for LH only

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