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Prices vary based on size and complexity of the piece, but range from $8-32. Shipping can be arranged for an additional cost, or pick up can be arranged at various boutiques or at Liz's Scottsdale home.

If you see something you like, contact Liz directly at Include your name, contact info and the ID number of the jar(s) you're inquiring about (see the slideshow for available jars and their ID numbers). But if you see something you want, don't hesitate. As cute and unique as these are, they are sure to sell fast!

Monday, August 15, 2011

To lid or not to lid

Occasionally, a unique bowl comes along that is so ornate and exquisite, it is the opinion of this crafter that putting a lid on it would be a disservice to its individuality. Therefore, you will sometimes see items for sale in the slide show that do not have any lids. While they look technically more like a candy dish than an apothecary jar, they are too cute not to include in the inventory. Here are a few of our lidless items we'd like to showcase.

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